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Total Care Knot Remover & Flea Comb 2 in 1 for Dogs



PURINA TOTAL CARE Knot Remover & Flea Comb effortlessly removes even the most stubborn knots, mats and dead fleas. This unique multipurpose tool is designed with a safely hidden blade behind extended comb teeth that protects the skin while cutting through knots and mats. A comb extender is included for long-haired coats. The fine tooth comb side can be used to remove dead fleas after flea treatements have been administered. 

How to Use: 
Place blade side under knots or mats. Working on a small section at a time, use a gentle back and forth motion to work blade through the mat. Never pull on the mat and gently comb out to remove.
Once dead fleas are visible simply place white paper under your pet and comb out with the flea comb side. The white paper will make it easy to see the dead fleas when falling from your pet.

Features & Benefits

  • 2 in 1 Knot Remover & Flea Comb
  • Safely cuts out knots & stubborn mats
  • Fine teeth easily remove dead fleas
  • Comfort ergonomic grip
  • Zero waste construction

Recyclable Information

Recyclable via Terracycle.