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Disney | Purina Minnie Mouse Cat Toy



The DISNEY PURINA Minnie Mouse Cat Toy is sure to provide plenty of fun bonding moments for you and your cat. Inspired by one of DISNEY's most popular characters, this toy is also a perfect way to keep your feline friend's senses sharp for lots of energetic play.

Known as Mickey Mouse's lovable partner with a wardrobe full of adorable dresses and bows, Minnie Mouse is a great inspiration for your cat's newest toy. It features Minnie's hand with her signature bow attached, and a bell which is sure to have your cat running and pouncing. It's all attached to a string and a wand for you to hold, ideal for keeping those sharp claws away. Playing with your cat is also a great way to strengthen your bond and is both rewarding and fun!

Features & Benefits

  • Energise - Stimulates your cat's natural play instincts
  • Keeps your cat entertained
  • Made to Purina Quality Standards


Your pet should be supervised at all times when using this toy. Whilst strong and durable, this toy is not indestructible. Check it regularly and if it is worn or damaged it should be discarded and replaced immediately. Watch out for loose stitching or sharp, broken edges. This toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3.