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ProCare Grooming Brush for All Dogs & Cats



The PURINA PROCARE Grooming Brush is ideal for everyday grooming.

The PURINA PROCARE Grooming Brush has ball-tipped stainless steel pins and a unique handle design that enhances your grooming technique and reduces any excessive brushing force. The design ensures only a soft stroking action is required to loosen tangles and mats while removing dirt and debris. Ideal for everyday grooming.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for everyday skin and coat stimulation.
  • Curved head design - Relieves pressure and enhances technique.
  • Ball-tipped Stainless Steel Pins - Efficiently removes loose top coat, dirt & debris.
  • Integrated comb in handle - Suitable for facial hair or easily cleaning the brush pins.

Recyclable Information

Recyclable Packaging

Pet Size

Suitable for all coat types.
Suitable for all size cats and dogs.