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Total Care Sling Ball Dog Toy



TOTAL CARE Sling Ball allows you and your pet to spend time playing tug-a-war or fetch together. This toy is suitable for all breeds and size of dogs.

Is it time to get a new toy?
Play is vital to the well-being of your dog. Toys not only provide exercise and stimulation to help keep their body and mind active, but gives your pet an outlet for natural instincts such as chewing and digging, without damaging your home or the local fauna. It is also a great opportunity to bond with your beloved pet.

To maintain interest, it is important that your pet has a variety of toys for you to alternate for them. It is important when selecting a toy that you understand how your dog plays and select according to their need to be occupied, entertained or require comfort. View TOTAL CARE great range of toys.

Please keep in mind that your pet should be supervised when using any toy and check it regularly. If worn or damaged, please discard and replace.

Features & Benefits

  • Exercises your dog’s heart and lungs
  • Rope feature helps clean your dog’s teeth and gums.
  • Machine washable


Your pet should be supervised at all times when using this toy. Whilst strong and durable, this toy is not indestructible. Check it regularly and if it is worn or damaged it should be discarded and replaced immediately. Watch out for loose stitching or sharp, broken edges. Keep this toy away from children.